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Tuning Box Classic from 299€

hp / Nm
1-year engine warranty
-1L / 100 


Get a Tuning Box powerchip at an incredible price.

This chiptuning unit is packed with Tuning Box’s experience and expertise. It has all the basics you could possibly need: premium components and connectors that align with manufacturers’ standards, an ultra-solid, heat-resistant and 100% watertight case, specific software for each vehicle, and remarkable reliability. You won’t find value for money like this anywhere else.

The Tuning Box Classic performance chip uses similar technology to our premium model. The only difference lies in the engine connections.

It delivers up to 25% extra power, a much more dynamic driving experience, and a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption.

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Tuning Box offers multiple benefits




Great webshop, very good communication, fast shipping, good packaging. But never understood why the Fusion range are only available to some cars - and not mine (2009 Peugeot 407 sw 2.7 hdi).

Fast delivery, had an initial issue with one of the connections, but 1 phone call and a technical email later all resolved., I have tried racechip previously but I am more impressed with this company.

Good communication and double check regarding the motor type of my BMW by TuningBox. Fast delivery of the box. Everything is working fine without any warninglight. Power increase is very noticeable.

Great customer support!

Totally happy with the whole process of buying. Clear and easy to use web site and a seamless transition to the payment site. Contacted customer service before purchase, quick and clear reply.

am very pleased with the whole process. You have to watch the transport package, the parcel has got into my hands in poor condition TUNE PEDAL outside the box and the bag torn.

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engine warranty
product guarantee
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