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Tuning Box Classic from 299€

hp / Nm
1-year engine warranty
-1L / 100 


Get a Tuning Box powerchip at an incredible price.

This chiptuning unit is packed with Tuning Box’s experience and expertise. It has all the basics you could possibly need: premium components and connectors that align with manufacturers’ standards, an ultra-solid, heat-resistant and 100% watertight case, specific software for each vehicle, and remarkable reliability. You won’t find value for money like this anywhere else.

The Tuning Box Classic performance chip uses similar technology to our premium model. The only difference lies in the engine connections.

It delivers up to 25% extra power, a much more dynamic driving experience, and a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption.

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Tuning Box offers multiple benefits




You should send a tracking number. I ordered as express and it took 10 days to arrive and i couldnt track it.

Received the package in 5 days. Installed in less then 5 min on a Skoda Octavia 2019 and it`s a clear difference in acceleration and power. Good customer support! I recommend this guys!!!

Good Product. I find hard to attached controller somewhere near the dashboard due to lack of double side sticker.

Instructions for my vehicle were not accurate for both the Pedal Tune and ECU Tuning Box. Pls check your diagrams for the BMW X5 E70, N63 engine!

Great customer support!

Everything is very explicit, .... commom knowledge. Connectivity very easy and app also no problem. Engine responds very well, no alterations registered for the moment. Sure to be recommended.

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