Peugeot 308: Maximum Performance for the Puretech 1.2 THP 110 HP and 130 HP engines

Restyled in 2017, the petrol version of the French favorite compact (according to a survey by L'Automobile Magazine with 10,000 readers) is now among our TuningBox Evolution powerboxes and also among our Tune Pedal units (throttle tuning modules). In order to anticipate the future Euro 6c pollution control laws, the French manufacturer equipped this Puretech 1.2 THP engine with a particle filter.

TuningBox has therefore developed a multi-channel chiptuning system for this petrol engine. And it is already a real success: Many of you have already installed this plug and play chip on your Peugeot 308. Coupled with the Tune Pedal, the result is even more impressive! The opinion of our customers is unanimous: More power, more torque and a better acceleration for a new incredible driving experience!

Results from our Dyno Bench

Puretech 1.2 THP 110 HP petrol engine :

Original :
Maximum power : 110 HP
Maximum torque : 205 Nm

With the TuningBox Evolution :
Maximum power : 138 HP
Maximum torque : 255 Nm

Puretech 1.2 THP 130 HP petrol engine :

Original :
Maximum power : 130 ch
Maximum torque : 230 Nm

With the TuningBox Evolution :
Maximum power : 158 HP
Maximum torque : 280 Nm

In both cases, you gain + 28 HP in power and + 50 Nm in torque after the installation of our TuningBox Evolution chiptuning module.

Of course, our engine power kits release the full potential of your vehicle without exceeding the manufacturer limits ! They are simple, effective and completely tested to offer you quality and safe driving.




Thanks to our external ecu remapping modules, you'll get more power, increased acceleration and a fuel reduction of up to -1L. /100 km.


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