Toyota Hilux performance upgrades : TuningBox has developped a new generation of powerbox

This year, Toyota celebrates the 50th anniversary of the most iconic pickup on the market: The Hilux

Marketed in Japan in 1968, the Toyota Hilux was in Europe one year after. Since then, it has become one of the most common 4wd vehicles on the market and especially one of the most sold models of the Toyota range with more than 19 million copies around the world. This flagship model of the Japanese brand is already in its 8th generation and continues an incredible expansion on all continents thanks to its reliability, its quality and especially its longevity.

This strong vehicle that is able to go anywhere has proven its toughness on all grounds: In places like the South American Pampas, the Australian Bush, the Icelandic volcanoes or in the Dakar Rally dunes, you can experience great adventures with the Toyota Hilux.

However, we have noticed that this 2.4L. Diesel 150hp engine performance and dynamism are a little lower compared to older versions or competing models.

Is it a will of the Japanese brand that wants to give itself a “greener” image? Probably...

But it is sure that some extra Horsepower would greatly help to get this Hilux (2.1 tons for the empty vehicle) in motion.



Our TuningBox Evolution is exactly what you’ve been looking for !


After months of researches, TuningBox has developed a new generation of multichannel powerbox especially designed for this 150hp diesel engine that acts directly on the injectors opening time and duration.

This new multichannel chiptuning system is different from what you can find on the market!


Power and torque :


Max. power : 150 hp
Max. torque : 400 Nm

With our TuningBox Evolution :

Max. power : 190 hp
Max. torque : 475 Nm


Compared to the actual characteristics of the original engine, you will gain + 40 hp and + 75 Nm in torque after installing our TuningBox Evolution.


K-TOY-E5-4INJ TuningBox Evolution Features:

  • real-time optimization of the injection time of the four injectors;
  • ultra resistant, 100% water-, shock- and heatproof case;
  • new software especially developed for this engine;
  • high reliable 64-Bit / 48 MIPS Microcontroller (Million Instructions Per Second);
  • new "plug & drive" AMP plugs (similar to the original ones);
  • 2-year engine warranty + 5-year product warranty;
  • completely tested on our dyno benches;
  • On / Off Switch, Engine Protect +, Adaptive Smart Sensor, Data Storage.

Are you a proud owner of this 4x4 and you want to upgrade the performance of your Hilux and discover a new incredible driving experience?
Do not wait any longer, contact us and discover new sensations with our TuningBox Evolution!
Don’t forget: if you are not satisfied, we will give you your money back.


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TuningBox has developed a new generation of multichannel powerbox especially designed for the Toyota Hilux - photo 18
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