Pioneering technology that’s simple to install

Each of our products comes with a Plug & Drive solution, making it quick and easy to install

Whether you opt for one of our powerchips or the Tune Pedal, you’ll be able to install it yourself easily and with no risk of error.

Each chiptuning unit comes with an illustrated installation guide, making fitting it to your vehicle child’s play. It takes just a few minutes to complete.

Here is an example of how to fit an Evolution tuning box to an Audi A3 1.6 TDI.


Why are our products simple
and risk-free to install?


  • You do not need any tools or specialist knowledge to install our performance chips.

  • Tuning Box uses secure plugs with high-end AMP connectors (the same plugs used by car manufacturers).

  • You do not need to cut or solder any cables to install the powerchip and the Tune Pedal.

  • Each chiptuning unit comes with a dedicated, user-friendly, clearly illustrated installation guide.

  • No other alterations to the original equipment are necessary.
  • No configuration necessary: our development centre configures each chiptuning unit to match your vehicle before shipping, so it’s ready to use out of the box.
  • No visible trace: you can remove your power chip or Tune Pedal from your vehicle at any time (for example if you are selling it or taking it into the dealer). Once uninstalled, the performance chip leaves no visible trace on your vehicle, either under the bonnet or in the ECU.



Technical service and after-sales service:
the Tuning Box plus

We’re on-hand to bring you the very best service, completely free of charge


Come and see us in our workshop. You can meet our technical team and test your powerchip unit on one of our power benches, or ask any questions you may have about installing and using our chiptuning units.

If you’re installing the chiptuning unit yourself and have any questions, no matter how trivial they might seem, you can also pick up the phone and call us. One of our technical experts will talk you through the installation process.



Stunning optimisation
and spectacular performance

Explore how our performance chips work at a glance


An engine’s performance is determined by the instructions it receives from the ECU and the in-built software. Vehicle manufacturers produce several different vehicles, with different power ratings, using the same engine.

Here at Tuning Box, we’ve created a powerchip to optimise the instructions issued by the ECU in real-time and harness the engine’s full potential. Our technologies do this by tapping into the engine’s power reserves, without affecting the factory-installed security systems.



  • all types of engine ( diesel, petrol, hybrid, electric)
  • all current pollution control systems (all types of particulate filter, AdBlue, etc.)
  • all types of gearbox (manual, automatic)
  • all of your vehicle’s standard equipment and security systems (ABS, traction control system, ESP, cruise control, Stop and Start, etc.)


We conduct rigorous tests on our various test benches, under a range of different driving scenarios, to ensure that our chiptuning units are perfectly suited to all vehicle types and driving styles.

More information about our R&D Unit


Modern-day engines are connected to an engine control unit (ECU), which collects a vast amount of data from sensors located on the various engine components. Using this information, the ECU issues instructions to the engine components to keep it working correctly.

In practical terms, our powerchips are connected between the ECU and the engine, interacting directly with the instructions issued by the ECU and the information collected by the engine sensors. The microprocessor inside our unit intercepts and optimises these two information streams in real-time, then sends the optimised data to both the engine and the control unit.

For the driver, this results in a noticeable increase in both torque and power and unrivalled driving comfort.



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