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A passion for automotive performance

Tuning Box was the first company to design, manufacture and market add-on boxes and Pedal Boxes throughout the world. 35 years after its creation, Tuning Box remains the leader for everyone who loves thrills.

Équipe Tuning Box

Founded in 1988 by Didier Hermann and taken over by David Curnel and Bernard Waty in 2020, Tuning Box continues to write its extraordinary history.

The pioneer of the add-on box

It all began with Didier. Passionate about cars, he opened a diagnostic centre in Faymonville, Belgium. He soon specialised in engine optimisation and “chiptuning”, i.e., reprogramming the ECU.

Innovation is in our DNA

Right from the start, Didier placed innovation at the heart of the Tuning Box company. He equipped himself with cutting-edge equipment, including his first BOSCH dyno bench, and created his first, and then, his second laboratory. He developed new techniques to boost vehicle performance and achieved exceptional results. He was the first in the world to introduce the concept of the power units.

Research and Development

At the heart of the Tuning Box company is its Research and Development Department. With a team of automotive experts and top-of-the-range equipment, the company has developed several innovations, including an engine chip to increase the power and torque of engines, a power box and a pedal box.
One innovation follows another, but they’re all different.


A second dyno bench, the MAHA LPS 3000, was established and specific research areas were dedicated to digital technology. Taking advantage of all the opportunities that these technologies offer, our team of engine designers continues to develop ever more efficient solutions in our two laboratories.

Cutting-edge technology

In addition to designing and manufacturing the most efficient engine chips, add-on boxes and pedal boxes on the market, Tuning Box has established itself as a major player in the sector, thanks to its unique technologies and experience. We, therefore, also work as a subcontractor for many tuners as well as certain car factories.

Evolution and growth

In 2020, Bernard and David, who have been well known in the automotive sector for almost 30 years, co-founders of Dynatek and partners in Tuning Box since 2008, bought Tuning Box. The two companies had already been sharing the same offices for 11 years, but, more importantly, they also shared the same values. David and Bernard, in collaboration with Didier Hermann, reworked the image and positioning of the brand, while improving its presence on the web, thanks to a new eShop… sufficient to satisfy more and more customers throughout the world and maintain the successful growth of this unique company!

Customer satisfaction as a driving force

Although Tuning Box has succeeded in adapting to constant technological developments and has rapidly distributed its products on a large scale, it has maintained a human level. From its site in Belgium, the Tuning Box team is motivated by a common objective: to offer its customers a new driving experience and maximum driving pleasure!

Safety first and foremost

The safety of our customers and their vehicles will always be our priority. As well as carrying out numerous in-depth tests, we guarantee that the original protective functions of each car are in perfect working order.

  • We use the power reserve of your vehicle in strict compliance with the tolerances prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer. This means that we guarantee that all the components of your engine will be used normally and that all the protective functions will be maintained.

  • Our engine chips are all equipped with an “adaptive intelligent sensor”, a technology that optimises the power required by the driver according to the load and engine speed, in real time.

  • Unlike other forms of power optimisation, our technology does not alter your vehicle’s standard equipment and safety systems (ABS, traction control, ESP, Cruise Control, etc.) or the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). You can disconnect your Tuning Box or your Tune Pedal at any time, in just two minutes, to return your car to its original state.

  • All of our products are thoroughly and regularly tested in our Research and Development Centre on approved power benches. During these tests, we also check that the box does not alter the behaviour of the vehicle or its components in any way.

  • Each vehicle has its own specific characteristics. We use a memory function that detects all the data of your vehicle’s different injection cycles during a short running-in period. Using this data, we adapt our products to deliver the ideal optimisation for your car.

Quality assurance

To develop the best add-on units and pedal boxes on the market, we set the bar high by using only the highest quality components, reliable materials and state-of-the-art technology. All are manufactured in our original factory in Faymonville, Belgium.

Ultra-strong, with a heat and water-resistant shell (100% waterproof)

Products are continuously tested and checked on our dyno benches

Optimised and continuously updated software

Factory – Shop: by going directly from the factory to the workshop, we avoid intermediaries and guarantee you the best price/quality ratio

Our team

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