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Comfortby Tuning Box

Increase the power and torque of your Diesel vehicle with the Comfort Tuning Box and boost your driving. Maximum excitement at minimum cost.

Starting at (incl. sales tax) €299
Power (hp/Nm)



-0,6L / 100km*

Engine warranty
2 years

*Achievable values

Optimise the performance of your vehicle

By improving the flow of information between your control unit and your engine, the Comfort by Tuning Box add-on box allows you to enjoy your car to the full and to fill up on excitement in complete safety.

A remarkable increase in power

Tuning Box are the pioneer of add-on boxes, their technology gives you 20% more power, while respecting the manufacturer’s standards.

Adapted to your vehicle and your engine, Comfort by Tuning Box boosts your vehicle’s performance to reduce your fuel consumption and increase your driving pleasure tenfold.

« I should have bought it earlier! Great value for money, great driving experience and I'm also saving fuel. Great! »

Hugo L.

All benefits

Comfort by Tuning Box is the ideal solution for optimising the performance of your vehicle at a low cost.

+20% power and torque

-0.6 L/100 km of fuel consumption*

Small budget, big thrills

Suitable for all cars, including yours

Delivered to you quickly

Installed in 2 minutes

2-year product warranty

Boîtier additionnel Tuningbox

A considerable increase in power

Comfort by Tuning Box has been designed with innovative technology, similar to that of our top-of-the-range Dynamic box.

Thanks to our one-click installation system, you don’t need any technical knowledge to get it up and running. Get it and enjoy it straight away.

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Configure your vehicle

It is possible to enjoy sporty driving without changing your car! Discover the Tuning Box experience now and boost your driving excitement.

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