Find out what your engine can really do

Tuning Box is an effective, reliable way to tap into your engine’s reserves and gain
up to 30% extra power




Tuning Box makes three simple promises: maximum power, stunning dynamic performance and breathtaking acceleration – all without compromising on safety.


As you know, car manufacturers release vehicles with different power ratings, all with the same engine. The power that the engine delivers depends entirely on the vehicle’s electronics and on-board software.

So if you don’t get the maximum power out of your engine, you’re depriving yourself of something you already own. Does that sound right to you? We don’t think it does. That’s why we’ve come up with a way to help you get the most out of your engine. And it costs almost nothing compared with what you’d pay for a model with a more powerful engine.


But don’t worry. We know what we’re doing. We pride ourselves on making chiptuning products that are safe and reliable. We’ll never exceed your engine’s in-built reserves. And we’re so confident, we offer peace of mind with our engine warranty.

So you get an unrivalled experience. An incredible sense of freedom.


With a Tuning Box installed, you’ll get more out of your engine. Driving becomes pure pleasure once again.

You’ll feel like you’re sitting in a new car!

This noticeable change will put the thrill back into driving – and is sure to turn heads, too.

Tuning Box performances : more power, more torque, less fuel - photo 12

 So why wait? Harness your engine’s full capabilities right away.

configure my vehicle 


Experience the joy of driving
and do your bit for the environment

Save up to 1 litre of fuel per 100 km – a quick return on investment

Our performance chips help you reduce fuel consumption. So as well as putting the joy back into driving, Tuning Box is good for the environment, too. A vehicle equipped with a Tuning Box chiptuning unit consumes -15% fuel on average than an unchipped car of the same model travelling at the same speed. This saving occurs for two main reasons. First, a performance upgrade makes your engine more efficient because you move into higher gears more quickly and therefore spend more time driving at lower revs. Second, it boosts injection, and therefore combustion, performance.


By cutting fuel consumption,
you’ll see a quick return
on your investment.


Let’s look at an example: a VW Passat 2.0 TDI fitted with our Classic unit.

  • Unchipped consumption: 6.2 l/100 km
  • Fuel cost per litre: €1.26
  • Unit cost: €379

Cutting fuel consumption by 1 l/100 km means
you’ll recoup your investment after 30,000 km.



So don’t delay :
cut your fuel consumption
and make your money go further!



Tuning Box
engine remapping

Tuning Box : simple, reliable and effective


Enhance your driving experience and save on fuel now!


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engine warranty
product guarantee
or your money back

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