Tuning Box’s quality and warranties pack
for you and your vehicle

Optimal quality through attention to detail

We are committed to delivering a safe driving experience, reliable performance chips and the best protection for your vehicle and its engine. Enjoy a risk-free power boost with Tuning Box’s chip tuning technologies.

Our quality and warranties pack includes:

  • a Tuning Box engine warranty
  • strict compliance with the engine’s power reserves and all protection systems
  • cutting-edge vehicle protection technologies (Adaptive Smart Sensor, Engine Protect +, data memorisation, etc.)
  • an extended, comprehensive product guarantee
  • all products made in Belgium since 1988
  • stringent testing (road handling, braking, etc.)



We trust our technology implicitly

Each of our chiptuning units comes with a dual guarantee: engine and product

Since 1988, we’ve been manufacturing performance chips that are recognised by professionals across the automotive industry. On the strength of our long-standing track record and our efforts to constantly improve our technology, our chiptuning units offer unrivalled quality and exceptional reliability.

That’s why we have absolutely no qualms about offering a dual guarantee, covering the product and your vehicle’s engine.


  • no excess
  • comprehensive cover for the main engine components
  • up to €5,000 per covered damage
  • cover even continues after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired


Tuning Box chiptuning units comes with a Engine Warranty | Drive with total peace of mind - photo 13


  • no excess
    long-term guarantee (5 years)
  • immediate repair or replacement of the unit
  • comprehensive coverage for all chiptuning unit components

At Tuning Box, we offer a 2-year engine warranty with our Evolution power box, and a 1-year engine warranty with our Classic power box. The warranty covers the majority of engine components (cylinder block, camshaft, gearbox, etc.) and vehicles registered in most European countries.

See our Engine Warranty Terms and Conditions


We also offer a 5-year product guarantee on all our chip tuning units and our Tune Pedal. This comprehensive guarantee covers all components of our products and is longer than the statutory guarantee period. It covers the printed circuit board, microprocessor, connector, all electronic parts, the cable harness, the case, etc.



Drive with total peace of mind

Our chiptuning unit gives you total peace of mind on the road

With a Tuning Box performance chip installed in your vehicle, you’ll be able to tap into your engine’s reserve power whenever you need it. So you’ll never have to worry about overtaking other vehicles again, and you’ll get a more fluid driving experience, whether you’re on the motorway or on country roads.

We take occupant and vehicle safety extremely seriously when developing our products. As well as offering our “Adaptive Sensor System” and “Engine Protect +” technologies, our chiptuning units leave your vehicle’s standard protection systems untouched. Judge for yourself::



Made in Belgium – a mark of quality

A high-performance, reliable chiptuning unit with premium components

All Tuning Box performance chips – from the printed circuit board and original connection plugs, to the cable harness and case – are made from best-in-class components. Everything in our chiptuning units, including the electronics and the in-built software, is of equivalent or superior quality to the standard equipment.

We have a simple philosophy: if we want to develop the best chiptuning unit that money can buy, one that is both effective and reliable, we must use only the very best materials.


  • made from premium components
  • ultra-solid case, water-resistant (100% watertight) and heat-resistant
  • tested and verified constantly on our approved test benches
  • developed for 33 years in our Belgian workshops
  • optimised software with regular updates
  • Factory shop: no middleman, guaranteeing you the best product and the best price



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Tuning Box chiptuning units comes with a Engine Warranty | Drive with total peace of mind - photo 16
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