Comfort, Sport and Race modes

3 driving modes – a whole world of functions

Just like the Tuning Box Evolution, the Tune Pedal is shipped preprogrammed. You can choose from one of three driving modes to suit your mood: Comfort, Sport and Race. Simply tap the keypad to switch between modes and choose the right pedal responsiveness for your circumstances. You can also adjust each mode as you see fit.


See what effect the Tune Pedal has on the diagram below

Fast Slow
Throttle response time

Your accelerator pedal’s response time will vary according to the selected mode.


P button : switch between driving modes or turn off the unit and revert to factory settings.

+ and - buttons : adjust the sensitivity of your chosen mode.

  • RACE MODE produces the fastest response times and harnesses your engine’s full power, for a truly sporty driving experience.
  • SPORT MODE really enhances response times and gives your vehicle a sportier feel.
  • COMFORT MODE offers improved responsiveness while maintaining a comfortable drive.



Each of our products comes with a Plug & Drive solution,
making it quick and easy to install

Whether you opt for one of our performance chips or our throttle response controller, you’ll be able to install it yourself easily and with no risk of error. Each product comes with an illustrated installation guide, making fitting it to your vehicle child’s play. It takes just a few minutes to complete.


  • Step 1: Disconnect the accelerator pedal connector.
  • Step 2: Place the Tune Pedal between the original connector and the accelerator pedal.
  • And that’s it – installation complete. You can sit back and enjoy optimised acceleration. Have fun!


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