+30% hp and Nm
Optimised acceleration
2-year engine warranty
Guaranteed thrills



  for unrivalled performance

Tuning Box Evolution + Tune Pedal :

Tuning Box Fusion




As you probably know, manufacturers make high-performance vehicles but don’t harness their full potential.

With our TuningBox Fusion, you can make the most of this untapped potential to deliver

the ultimate driving experience – total freedom! You’ll see an incredible boost to both power and torque, and your accelerator pedal will become much more responsive.


Our engineering team has been working tirelessly to bring you the perfect harmony between our TuningBox Evolution powerchip and our pedal box, the Tune Pedal.





With our Fusion pack fitted to your car, you’ll want to grab any opportunity to take it out for a spin.

So whether you’re driving in the city on the coast, on a country road or a motorway, setting off on holiday or nipping to the closest supermarket, you can enjoy the full benefits of our technology: better performance, less fuel consumption, enhanced acceleration, a more fluid driving experience, and many others besides.


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What do our customers think?

Totally happy with the whole process of buying. Clear and easy to use web site and a seamless transition to the payment site. Contacted customer service before purchase, quick and clear reply.

Good Product. I find hard to attached controller somewhere near the dashboard due to lack of double side sticker.


Everything is very explicit, .... commom knowledge. Connectivity very easy and app also no problem. Engine responds very well, no alterations registered for the moment. Sure to be recommended.

am very pleased with the whole process. You have to watch the transport package, the parcel has got into my hands in poor condition TUNE PEDAL outside the box and the bag torn.


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Win your Tuning Box !

Order your Tuning Box before the 31st of October and participate automatically in our drawing lots to be fully refunded.

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