Tuning Box – Performance chiptuning - diesel and petrol engine - photo 18
Audi RS5 3.0, Bentley Bentayga and BMW 8 Series now have their own chiptuning unit.
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Tuning Box – Performance chiptuning - diesel and petrol engine - photo 19
New diesel and gasoline performance chips for Audi Q5, Mercedes B-Class, Porsche Macan and so on.
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Tuning Box – Performance chiptuning - diesel and petrol engine - photo 20
Motorhome chiptuning unit: How to enjoy your holidays better...
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The best CHIPTUNING unit money can buy

Tuning Box EVOLUTION : from 499€
+30% hp / Nm
engine warranty
-1L /100 km
Tuning Box Classic
from 299€
+25% hp / Nm
-1L /100 km
Free 1-year engine warranty
Tune Pedal
from 199€
In perfect harmony
with performance chips
Still not sure?
Tuning Box, the pioneer in the chiptuning unit market since 1988
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Optimal performance:
power and fuel consumption
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Our people and our R&D Unit
at your service
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Tuning Box: Quality Engine Optimization thanks to our different chiptuning units.
Our company, created in 1988, is a must in the market of engine powerboxes. We develop a range of products that significantly increase the performance of petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric engines on all types of vehicles: cars, SUVs, SUVs, crossovers, utility vehicles, tractors, forest machines, mobile homes, …
Our Tuning Box Classic and Tuning Box Evolution performance chips aim to increase power and reduce fuel consumption. This type of external ECU tuning has many advantages: simple and quick to do it by yourself, no change in factory settings, within the manufacturer's power limits, all the original protection functions of the vehicle are maintained, ...
We also offer our Tune Pedal, a throttle response controller.
This pedal box does not increase your engine power or torque but optimizes the reaction time of your pedal for a better acceleration. All our customers agree to say that the pedal tuning gives satisfaction guaranteed!
Looking for the best in power and dynamism?
By combining our Tuning Box Evolution and our Tune pedal, we have created the Tuning Box Fusion. Thanks to this perfect combination of our high-end chiptuning unit and this innovative accessory, you will discover an incredible driving experience and will always have extra power and increased acceleration.

Made in Belgium Factory Shop
engine warranty
product guarantee
or your money back


Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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Registered office:
Tuning Box SRL
Ruthier 1 | 4950 Faymonville | Belgium


Win your Tuning Box !

Order your Tuning Box before the 31st of October and participate automatically in our drawing lots to be fully refunded.

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