Tuning Box : pioneer in the chiptuning market since 1988

In many countries the brand name has become a common name for chip tuning units. This success owes nothing to chance. Tuning Box was without doubt the chiptuning unit to successfully market on a grand scale.


Tuning Box, the pioneer in the chiptuning market, is now the uncontested market leader. We sell our powerchips and pedal boxes across the globe. We owe our longevity to the quality of our Tuning Box products and to the sterling work of our R&D Unit. We never stop looking for ways to improve our performance chips and adapt them to new vehicles.

What’s more, while numerous competitor products have come to market in recent times, Tuning Box has remained the outright leader for almost 30 years. And that’s down to the quality of our chiptuning products, and our outstanding, user-friendly technical services. Below is a timeline showing our history in nine key dates. And it doesn’t end there. Our success story continues to go from strength to strength...




Our success story: ten key dates

Hermann Tuning

The story begins...

It all began in 1988. Didier Hermann, at 23 years of age, opened a diagnostics centre, specialising in engine optimisation.

Success followed swiftly, with customers flocking in from all over; his reputation was that good. He specialised in chip tuning, i.e. reprogramming the original ECU. Back then, to remap the ECU, you needed to open the unit, solder the connections, etc. It was a long and laborious job.

First power bench

and a growing customer base

The firm made its first major investment in 1990 when it acquired a Bosch power bench. At the time, only a handful of garages had equipment of this type, so it drew in customers from even further afield looking to test their car’s power.

Didier began thinking about how to offer an alternative, something easy to install; a more user-friendly ECU remapping system.

The Tuning Box Classic is invented

in the firm’s first laboratory

He set up his first laboratory and trialled a range of different technologies to come up with the ideal product.

All of his tests and research finally wound up with the invention of an engine tuning box designed to increase the power and torque in turbo engines. The Tuning Box Classic was born.

Product and marketing

Demand surges

It took Didier two years of hard work to manufacture and market the Tuning Box Classic. The 1994 prototype underwent numerous changes, with the settings tweaked and tested to create the very first “Plug and Drive” power chip.

Back then, power modules were largely unknown to the public and most of Didier’s customers were from the local area. So he set himself a new, albeit less technical challenge: to market his invention around the world.

Tuning Box goes online

The first website is developed

Back when Google was still in its infancy and largely unknown to the public, Tuning Box launched its very first website and reached out to new, international audiences online.

This move was instrumental to the company’s growth, enabling Tuning Box to build up a network of retailers across the globe and establish itself as a genuine pioneer in the chiptuning market.

Mass marketing

Retailers across the globe

Just five years after inventing the Tuning Box Classic, Didier and his firm, Tuning Box, hit the big time.

Tuning Box attended numerous trade shows and drummed up interest from many retailers. Demand for performance upgrades surged, and Tuning Box began mass production and marketing of ECU tuning boxes. The term “Tuning Box” soon became a common name for a power chip.

Analogue vs. Digital

A new chapter begins

As digital technologies were being installed in more and more cars, Tuning Box had to react accordingly and develop new technologies. After a period of extensive R&D in its own laboratory, the company launched a new range of chiptuning units designed specifically to meet the latest automotive technologies.

The company expands

A second building is constructed

A victim of its own success, Tuning Box had to expand its facilities to cope with ever-growing demand. A new building sprung up adjacent to the original diagnostic centre in Faymonville, built in 1988.

In the new building, the firm installed a brand new, cutting-edge test bench (MAHA LPS 3000) and new dedicated R&D units.

The range expands

with the arrival of the Tuning Box Evolution and Tune Pedal

Tuning Box, still determined to develop the best products that money can buy, launched Tuning Box Evolution – a new range with even better performance that delivers even more impressive results.

The company also released another product in 2016, the Tune Pedal – a pedal box that improves accelerator pedal response times and is specially designed to work alongside the Evolution unit to deliver unrivalled performance.

Thierry Neuville

becomes the new Tuning Box ambassador

After the release of our new online sales platform, we are proud to reveal our new ambassador. And we did all we could to make it perfect…

Tuning Box relies on excellence. This is already the case for the development of its products, it is also the case for its ambassador.

Our technology is now associated with the strong image of Thierry Neuville, official driver of the WCR (World Rally Championship).


Research and development

The cornerstone of our company


The perfecting and manufacturing of chiptuning units is a bit like the submerged part of the iceberg. The Tuning Box R&D Unit is universally acknowledged in the automotive sector. We work on a sub-contract basis for numerous performance tuners as well as for some factories. To sum up, the development of the performance chips was the fruit of all this experience, and that’s how we were able to launch the concept of the tuning boxes. All of this requires high quality engine manufacturers and state of the art equipment. Judge for yourself:


We are probably the only owner of two power benches in Belgium, and possibly in all of Europe.


  • 4x4 power bench
  • Accepts engines up to 700 bhp
  • This bench is ideal for passing through standard production cars


  • 4x4 power bench especially adapted for our use

  • Data acquisition is carried out directly from the on board diagnostics socket (OBD)

  • Synchronised bench, especially designed for research

  • Blower (engine cooling system) adapted for long run testingAccepts engines up to 1200 bhp

  • This bench is especially reserved for research, the passing of GT vehicles and competition cars




Just like the major performance tuners, Tuning Box has units, each one with its own specific purpose, which are necessary for the comprehensive development of engines. Our units include mechanics, electronics and metrology.

Tuning Box | pioneer in chiptuning market since 1988 - photo 23

These units are primarily dedicated to research and perfecting on behalf of customers; often major Belgian performance tuners, but also from abroad.


The two Tuning Box laboratories are mainly dedicated to more empirical research:

  • The first laboratory is used mainly for research linked to increasing power in turbo engines, and more particularly in petrol driven turbo engines. The objective is to establish a set of rules to optimise power increase without any detriment to the mechanics.

  • Research in the second laboratory aims more at improving consumption.

Tuning Box | pioneer in chiptuning market since 1988 - photo 24


Our dynamic team

The fuel that drives our success


Didier Hermann has passed on his passion for vehicle performance optimisation to each and every member of the company since its inception, placing the firm on a solid footing to continue developing its technology.

As specialists, we do everything possible to bring you the very best products and services.

We have a team of around 50 people worldwide. But our site at Faymonville, Belgium remains the nerve centre of our operations.


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