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Tuning Box offers a range of power chiptuning units specially developed for the petrol and diesel engines of the German manufacturer BMW.

For over 30 years, the iconic German BMW brand has been at the centre of our development department's concerns. Tuning Box has effectively marketed many BMW chiptuning units:
- Tuning Box Classic: single-channel engine powerchip that offers on average +25% power and torque;
- Tuning Box Evolution: multi-channel premium chip tuning box that offers on average +30% power and torque;
- Tune Pedal: tuning of the accelerator pedal - pedal box - which releases the power more quickly and offers direct acceleration;
- Tuning Box Fusion: the pack for maximum performance, consisting of our Evolution and Tune Pedal chiptuning units.

These chip tuning boxes are adjustable and tailor-made to upgrade the performance of diesel and petrol engines significantly, both for older generations of engines and for the latest BMW Twin Power Turbo technology.

And unlike many competitors in the market for external engine remapping (and even chiptuners), Tuning Box offers an electronic pedal mapping box for the i3 and i8 electric models.

Our range of BMW chip tuning boxes.

Tuning Box manufactures electronic chiptuning units that adapt to all BMW technologies (including those developed in their Efficient Dynamics program), whether they have a sDrive or xDrive transmission, in an automatic or manual gearbox version, for all models: from Series 1 to Series 8, SUV X1 to the SUV X7, Z3, Z4 and Z8 roadsters, and i3 and i8 hybrids.

Our extensive range of performance chips allows us to equip all diesel, petrol and hybrid engines of the German brand, either with our BMW chiptuning units, or our BMW pedal box (the Tune Pedal), or both together with our Tuning Box Fusion. Please find below an exhaustive list of the models included in the Tuning Box catalogue. If you click on the model of your choice, you will find all the engines for which we offer at least one performance chip to optimise the vehicle performance.



BMW performance upgrade | The best chiptuning unit - photo 11
To boost the BMW X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, and X6 SUVs, and to upgrade the performance of their petrol or diesel engines, the Tuning Box Evolution chiptuning unit is the best solution !

BMW performance upgrade | The best chiptuning unit - photo 12
Among the most popular BMW chip tuning boxes, the BMW 3 Series diesel is probably the vehicle for which Tuning Box has been the most popular.

BMW performance upgrade | The best chiptuning unit - photo 13
Tuning box also offers external ECU tuning chips for all sports cars from the German manufacturer BMW M GmbH.


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