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Dynamic Packby Tuning Box

With the Dynamic power box, the Tuning Box mobile application and the Pedal Box Tune Pedal, you will be ready to enjoy the ultimate driving experience.

Starting at (incl. sales tax) €949

The symbiosis of the Dynamic power box and the Tune Pedal is perfect. By targeting both the engine and the accelerator pedal, you can take your driving pleasure to another dimension.

The advanced Dynamic technology unleashes the untapped potential of your engine, and the Tune Pedal offers unparalleled responsiveness to your accelerator pedal. The mobile app gives you access to even more features. This is a triple win to harness the power of your car and revolutionise your driving experience.



Boîtier Dynamic

Tune Pedal

Tune Pedal
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You, too, can now enjoy a tenfold increase in driving pleasure, thanks to Tuning Box technology. Find the ideal package to bring out the full potential of your car.

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