Technical data

Standard 407hp/600nm, now  Schmiedmann S5 531,7hp/762,8NM.


-Catless – installed with downpipes instead of cats.

-Schmiedmann by SIGNATURE TURBO´S STAGE 2 N63 (upgraded standard turbo´s).

- Upgrade 15T CNC milled charger wheel 48/68 mm (standard 42/56mm).

- Bigger turbine axels.

- Upgraded wastegate bushings.

- Upgraded bearings.                          

- Also modifications in the turbo housing.

-The watercooler for the two watercooled intercoolers is made bigger, aprox 75% bigger.

-Complete Schmiedmann by Supersprint exhaust system in micro sandblasted stainless steel, with Schmiedmann designed black double layer tailpipes.

-The software was the biggest challenge at the build.  When we had all the hardware ready, the only thing we needed in order to get the power out was the ECU tuning – the BMW has an water cooled Continental MSD85.0 ECU – and it did show out that no tuner we know could get access to this ECU so they could reprogram it to our hardware changes, we tried to contact tuners all over the world – the answer was the same “it´s not possible, the ECU is blocked by an code that nobody can crack yet”.  There was one famous German tuning company that claimed that they could do it, so we send them the ECU – but they also had to give up, and send us the ECU back.

We found out that almost all tuners worldwide get the read out and programming  tool from a company in Switzerland, this company only makes the reading and programming tools, they don´t make the mapping themselves they leave that up to the tuners.

After speaking with a Danish tuner that had an good connection with the company in Switzerland, they send two staff members to Denmark to try to crack the code in our Schmiedmann S5 F10 – but they couldn´t and also had to give

up for now and went home to Switzerland.

Now it seemed our only option was to change the hardware back to standard, and install an tuningbox that would bring about 65hp more than standard, but we would at least like to hit 500hp.

Then we got an idea, we called our business friends at Tuningbox in Belgium, and asked them if we could buy an “open”  standard Tuningbox for an F10 550I that we would be able to program individually to the hardware changes we made on

our Schmiedmann S5, they accepted and also sold us an programming tool for the Tuningbox, the Schmiedmann S5 was then placed on the dyno and adjusted by the Danish tuner in co-operation with Tuningbox in Belgium by remote, the result was amazing 531,7hp/762,8NM.

But there is no doubt that the engine and the hardware has potential for much more the day when the ECU code gets cracked, and we can program a lot more engine parameters.

Brakes, suspension and wheels:

-Frontbrakes Schmiedmann 6 piston big brake kit with Zimmermann 400x36MM floating brake discs (nothing less than 20” rims will fit).

-Rear brakes standard 550I (big), with Zimmermann sport brake discs, the brake calipers are painted in BMW Phönixgelb like the frontcalipers.

-Z-Performance wheels type 6,  front 8,5x20 ET35  with Bridgestone Potenza 245/35/20, rear 10x20 with Bridgestone Potenza 275/30/20

-Bilstein B16 coilover kit, adjustable in hight and stiffness.


-Original M5 frontbumper, (removal and decoding of the foglights)

-Original M5 front fenders with Schmiedmann S5 air inlets.

-Motorsport II sideskirts with Schmiedmann carbon sideskirt streamers.

-Motorsport II rearskirt.

-BMW performance carbon trunk lid spoiler.

-Highgloss shadowline retro fit.

-Black high gloss double spoke front grills.

-Schmiedmann emblems.


-Schmiedmann sport steering wheel 3 spoke handmade with genuine nappa leather/alcantara

-Schmiedmann black and grey sport pedal-set.

-Schmiedmann modified cluster with red needles that are painted with heatproof, UV resistant, fluorescence paint, and with a Schmiedmann S5 logo inside the cluster.

-Schmiedmann S5 floormats, extra thick with a genuine Nubuk black surrounding strip with double red sewings. 

-M-Technic door entrance sills.