The premium chiptuning unit

Tuning Box Evolution from 499€

hp / Nm
Free 2-year engine warranty
-1L / 100 

Are you looking for the best chiptuning unit money can buy?

Then don’t waste your time looking elsewhere. Our Tuning Box Evolution is exactly what you’ve been looking for.


We’re determined to bring you a better driving experience. Our engineers are constantly looking for the best technology to achieve optimal power, torque and acceleration performance.

We’ve developed this premium performance chip to tap into your vehicle’s full power potential, without ever exceeding the manufacturer’s tolerance thresholds.

The Tuning Box powerchip harnesses your engine’s in-built power reserves, with multi-channel ,

cutting-edge technology that guarantees you a safe, smooth drive.

Get our Tuning Box Evolution chiptuning unit and put the joy back into driving. You’ll never want to be without it again.

Even More Fun with your Smartphone

The Tuning Box app allows you to set up the performance upgrades of your car using your Smartphone while remaining comfortably installed in the car cockpit. App Control is available for only €60 and offers the following features:

  • ON/OFF switch: Activate or deactivate your Tuning Box.
  • Select your tuning stage: With the Tuning Box app, you can change your driving mode at any time according to your desires. 3 driving modes are available: Eco (to reduce your fuel consumption), Comfort (for a sportier driving) and Race (for maximum engine performance). Learn more about customizing modes and programs further down on this page.
  • Fine individual tuning mappings for each driving mode: Our technicians configure each chiptuning unit with the right map for your engine. If these initial settings do not match your expectations, you can adapt the programming of the 3 driving modes to the power and the individual details of your engine. The changes will be activated in real time in your connected tuning box.
  • Set the adjustable warm-up timer of your performance chip: Thanks to the warm-up timer which you can set in the Tuning Box application, the power and torque upgrade of your external ECU tuning box will be activated after the time you will have chosen. This allows you to further protect your engine as long as the ideal operating temperature is not reached.

 Configure your vehicle to see how much power you could gain with our TuningBox Evolution.


configure my vehicle




Looking for something more ? Explore our Tuning Box Fusion for a truly exceptional experience





Tuning Box offers multiple benefits




Customise your chiptuning unit’s performance

3 driving modes, 7 programmes, 21 solutions


With the Tuning Box Evolution, you can select from one of three driving modes to suit your profile. And you can fine-tune your chiptuning unit’s programming for each driving mode using the keypad on the case.


There’s a programme for every driving style!

Are you heading off on holiday or embarking on a long motorway journey?
Are you going out for a spin along winding, undulating country roads?
Or are you taking your car for a track day?


Whatever you have in mind, you can customise the Tuning Box Evolution power box to match your performance needs in just a few seconds:


RACE mode:

  • Optimised for top torque and power
  • Top-level performance for full-throttle racing


  • Boosts performance with linear power delivery
  • A sportier, more responsive driving experience

ECO Mode:

  • Places more emphasis on torque
  • Best for economical, comfortable driving


Try it out for yourself

P button : switch between driving modes or turn off the unit and revert to factory settings.

+ and - buttons : adjust the sensitivity of your chosen mode.

Originally Maximum gain

Representative diagram of the effects obtained by driving mode



What do our customers think?

Great webshop, very good communication, fast shipping, good packaging. But never understood why the Fusion range are only available to some cars - and not mine (2009 Peugeot 407 sw 2.7 hdi).

I would like to see an improvement in shipping because it got delayed twice

Received the package in 5 days. Installed in less then 5 min on a Skoda Octavia 2019 and it`s a clear difference in acceleration and power. Good customer support! I recommend this guys!!!

You should send a tracking number. I ordered as express and it took 10 days to arrive and i couldnt track it.

am very pleased with the whole process. You have to watch the transport package, the parcel has got into my hands in poor condition TUNE PEDAL outside the box and the bag torn.

My dad wanted it so I ordered from Japan. My dad told me that it works perfect and highly recommended. We live in Japan and have Range Rover Velar. Dad said it takes about only 3 mins.

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