TuningBox Agri

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hp / Nm
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-15% fuel consumption


Enhance your engine’s performance and save fuel at the same time.

Our TuningBox Agri add-on unit is specially designed for agricultural vehicles, which undergo tough tests in often difficult conditions. So whether you have a tractor, combine harvester, silage harvester or forest machine, our technology boosts torque, thereby increasing engine efficiency and reducing fuel consumption by up to 15%.

The TuningBox Agri enhances both torque and power, even at low revs. So you can hit maximum torque at a much lower engine speed (100-200 rpm). This, in turn, makes your machine much more efficient over many hours of work. The amount of reserve power harnessed varies depending on the type of work you’re doing, and on engine speed and load.

When developing our Agri unit, we placed a premium on reliability. We only use high-end components and connectors (ultra-solid case and cables that are resistant to heat, impacts dust and are 100% watertight). We abide by manufacturers’ standards and factory-installed security systems. And we install a dedicated piece of software for each vehicle.

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TuningBox offers multiple benefits




Great webshop, very good communication, fast shipping, good packaging. But never understood why the Fusion range are only available to some cars - and not mine (2009 Peugeot 407 sw 2.7 hdi).

Good Product. I find hard to attached controller somewhere near the dashboard due to lack of double side sticker.

I am very satisfied with the order process, customer support and i will recommend yo others. Many thanks

Everything is very explicit, .... commom knowledge. Connectivity very easy and app also no problem. Engine responds very well, no alterations registered for the moment. Sure to be recommended.

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